Making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

We are:

Welcoming…  All persons are welcome in the United Methodist Church and at Douglas Boulevard UMC.  We are firmly committed to inclusiveness.  We celebrate a diversity of people, ideas, and cultures and are enriched by our broad history.  We practice open communion – anyone is welcome at the Lord’s table.

 Family… We have single parent families, 2 parent families, widow and widower families, families without children, single adults, college age adults, kids, youth, grandmas and grandpas.  We consider our church to be one big family.

 Missional… We support both local and worldwide missions with our gifts, our service, and our prayers.

 Biblical…We encourage a thoughtful approach to the Bible.  We embrace biblical scholarship and responsible modern translations of the Bible.   Scripture guides our faith, hand in hand with tradition, reason, and experience.  Scripture relays God’s love and promises to people today in many meaningful ways.